Outstanding diamond

Our team has a great expertise in micro and nanotechnology, semiconductor devices and jewellery. Therefore, we can help you define which properties are required for your specific needs and provide you with the best suited diamond.

Ultra-pure diamond

Diamond plates are used in a variety of optoelectronic applications. In particular, photonics applications may require ultra-pure diamond, with nitrogen content lower than 5ppb. We provide such diamond, checked with state-of-the art spectroscopy means.

Doped diamond

Diamond with precisely controlled levels of dopants are used in optoelectronics applications. We provide diamond with qualified electrical and optical properties, for your most demanding technologies.

Gem-quality diamond

Because we provide diamonds with almost any form and properties, we also supply the most exquisite diamonds for jewellery. All our diamonds are certified by the most renown agencies according to the traditional 4 C’s (clarity, colour, cut and carat). Our range of colours goes from colourless to fancy vivid colours. Since all our products are grown in laboratories, we are the most reliable source of ethical and ecological diamonds.