Our story

LakeDiamond. Built on a rock solid foundation.

The combined force of our expertise enables us to create some of the best quality lab-grown diamonds in the world and exploit the power of their extraordinary properties.

LakeDiamond brings together all the competences and infrastructure needed to grow, transform and sell diamonds. Our company is evolving with the joint expertise of a group of extraordinary people: business developers and strategists, quantum physicists and computer scientists, blockchain and crypto professionals, and experts in diamond growth, photonics and electronics.

  • 2007

    Our starting point

    Pascal Gallo earns his PhD on crystal growth in collaboration with Albert Fert, Nobel Prize 2007.

  • 2010

    EPFL R&D

    He joins Eli Kapon’s group at EPFL, develops diamond-based lasers and breaks a world record for laser energy transmission. Disappointed about not finding good supplies of ultra-pure diamonds he decides to grow his own.

  • 2011

    Reactor design and manufacture

    Pascal Gallo meets Theophile Mounier, Christophe Provent and David Rats. They develop a Single Crystal CVD reactor to grow ultra-pure diamonds and create a business plan.

  • 2015

    LakeDiamond SA is incorporated.

  • 2017

    From start-up to industrial scale production

    Alex Kummerman joins the team with the plan to leapfrog from start-up to industrial scale production capacity. He organizes the strategy to launch an ICO and brings along Romain Braud in the process.

  • 2018

    LakeDiamond ICO

    World premiere: LakeDiamond wins the support of a Swiss bank, Swissquote, for its ICO.

  • 2019

    Successful completion of LakeDiamond Bank sale in partnership with Swissquote; start of the ICO, with a focus on private institutional actors


Pascal Gallo, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Theophile Mounier
Chief Financial Officer
Nathalie Barzilay
Chief of Staff
Christophe Provent, PhD
Chief Operations Officer
David Rats, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Alex Kummerman
Chief Investment Officer
Romain Braud
Chief Information Officer
Jérôme Bailly
Head of Marketing and Communication
Nicolas Malpiece
Power Beaming Project Leader
Prof. Eli Kapon
Head of Photonics
Camille Husson-Stengel
Director Jewellery
Mehdi Naamoun, PhD
Director of Diamond Development Operations and Head of Power Electronics

Diamond Growth and Application Team

Ioulia Tsvetkova, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Riad Berrazouane
Research & Development Engineer
Henry Kummerman
Diamond processing technician
Andrei Caliman
Diamond Laser Project Leader
Grigore Suruceanu
Senior Optical Engineer
Alexandru Mereuta, PhD
Senior Process Engineer
Alexey Feofanov, PhD
Head of Advanced Diamond Applications
Jelena Vukajlovic Plestina, PhD
Senior Process Manager
Michael Gallo
Diamond processing technician


Greg Boccard
Jean-Philippe Aumasson / Advisor

Scientific Advisory board

Prof. Niels Quack
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. Christophe Galland
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral
Associate Professor, Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials


Dr. Didier Cossin