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Diamond Jewellery

Transparent in every way

LakeDiamond grows diamond of an exceptional purity for the high-end jewellery market. Our diamonds shine like no others, since they respect the highest standards of ethics and ecology. We minimize our footprint by using electricity from renewable sources; our diamonds are fully traceable, to give consumers the guarantee that their diamond is pure - in every sense of the word.

Diamond Micromechanical systems

Shaping diamond at a micron scale

Thanks to the close partnership with Professor Niels Quack’s research group at EPFL, LakeDiamond has developed a unique manufacturing process inspired from the techniques in microelectronics. This process allows us to manufacture micromechanical parts with an unprecedented accuracy, that surpasses 1µm. These parts are particularly useful for a variety of applications, for example, in the high-end Swiss watch manufacturing industry. These diamond parts have the same extraordinary properties as their parent diamond: they are extremely solid and hard. They present a very low friction and their expansion with temperature is negligible. Watches integrating these diamond parts are more accurate, have higher power reserves, and a longer lifetime.

Diamond-based High Power Lasers and Transistors

Diamond is the ultimate material for high-power operations

Diamonds are the best conductor of heat and the most transparent material in the world. These extraordinary properties are used to make some of the most powerful lasers known to humankind. The powers and qualities attained are such that they trigger new exciting applications, such as laser power beaming (the ability to transmit energy in a wireless way) and free-space telecommunications. In addition, diamond possesses the highest breaking voltage of all materials. Diamond-based transistors are five orders of magnitude smaller than their silicon counterparts and can be used at scale for rapid recharging of large batteries. With its outstanding properties, diamond will empower the next generation of autonomous vehicles such as drones and electrical planes as well as bringing high-speed Internet on a global scale.

Diamond Photonics and Quantum Computing

Diamond will trigger the next computational revolution

As relentless innovators, we always have an eye on the future. In a near future, diamond will allow all-optical data interconnections, to increase Internet capabilities while cutting down dramatically on energy consumption. In the longer term, quantum computation and quantum cryptography are expected both to dramatically increase computational power, and to allow for absolutely secured communication. A large part of computers as we know will be progressively replaced by their quantum-powered counterparts. The first quantum computers have already been built, though have too few bits to be pertinent. Color centers (atoms other than carbon trapped in diamond) make them ideal for the realization of quantum computation, as the physical support of quantum information (the spin of electrons), has a very long lifetime. LakeDiamond is investing in R&D in this field, in partnership with EPFL, in order to harness this opportunity.