Purity on all facets

We grow the highest quality of diamond on earth, suitable for the most demanding high tech applications.

Diamond purity pyramid

1 ppb*

Quantum purity

Lab-grown diamonds are purer than natural diamonds

50 ppb

High Jewellery purity

100 ppb

Natural Diamond purity

98% of natural diamonds have impurities making them unsuitable for use in the high-tech industries

* Nitrogen Content Natural diamonds have too many impurities to address high-tech applications. In order to get the best grade for jewellery nitrogen content needs to be lower than 50 parts per billion meaning that diamonds should contain less than 50 atoms of nitrogen in every billion of carbon atoms. Our diamonds typically contain less than 1 nitrogen atom in every billion carbon atoms making them versatile to address the most demanding applications both in the jewellery and high-tech sectors.


CVD Technology

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) enables diamond growth through depositing carbon atoms, layer by layer, in a crystalline pattern. A plasma dissociates the molecules that bring the carbon atoms into the growth chamber. The technology is perfectly controlled and reproducible, making it the best method to obtain diamond suitable for high-tech applications.


Total control over all diamond properties, at a sub-micron level, unleashes the potential for novel technological applications. As transformations become progressively complex, added value increases exponentially. In collaboration with Professor Niels Quack’s research group at EPFL, we have developed a proprietary technology inspired by the microelectronic industry to manufacture freely shaped diamond parts, with an accuracy that surpasses 1µm. These pieces are inserted into complex mechanical systems such as watches, or optoelectronic devices such as high-power lasers and high-power transistors.



We characterize our production with state-of-the-art technologies, to gain in-depth, 360° knowledge of our diamonds, making sure their quality meets our clients’ expectations. We stand between two scientific cultures: material science and device physics. Our deep knowledge in these fields allows us to provide the best advice to our clients. We use market-leading characterization tools:

> Atomic Force Microscopy
> Transmission Electron Microscopy
> Scanning Electron Microscopy
> X-Ray Diffraction
> Raman and photoluminescence
> Electrical characterization setup


Unlike conventional growers of lab diamonds, LakeDiamond also has the capabilities that enable clients to integrate diamond into their technology. We collaborate with clients on their product design and optima integration of diamond, to ensure they can best exploit the benefits that the jewel has to offer, and help them achieve a higher return of investment in their technology. A deep knowledge of device physics and industrial production guide us in this endeavour.