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Our diamond products are engineered out of pure passion. They come from 15 years of research, proven industry experience and the development of proprietary diamond growth reactors.

Ultra Pure Diamond plates

We provide plates of a thickness that ranges from 100µm to 1mm+, with a lateral size up to 6mm.

Our working culture stems from our experience in the semiconductor field. The level of precision and quality inherent in this field translates into our approach to producing diamonds of an ultimate purity, compatible with the most demanding applications. Nitrogen vacancy density is typically lower than 0.2ppb.

> Thickness: from 100µm to >1mm
> Lateral size: up to 6mm
> NV center density: down to 0.2ppb

For sales enquiry, please contact us via email: sales@lakediamond.ch

Diamond visual

High Quality Swiss Made Diamond

Diamond visual

While LakeDiamond’s main target is, and will remain, the higher value high-tech applications, its technology enables the growth of ultra-pure diamonds that surpass the quality of any mined diamond. Starting from seed diamond plates of 6mm*6mm, LakeDiamond can grow up to 5 mm thick flawless roughs diamonds.
From these roughs diamonds, LakeDiamond can produce round brilliant diamonds of 1 carat, D color, IF (internally flawless).

To buy your Swiss-made ultra pure lab-grown diamond with your LKD tokens, please contact us via email: sales@lakediamond.ch