LakeDiamond ICO powered by Swissquote; first ICO ever powered by an established banking group

LakeDiamond launches an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to increase its production capacities of lab-grown diamonds for high-tech industrial applications. Powered by Swissquote, LakeDiamond’s ICO is the first ever to be powered by an established banking group.

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Why Swissquote ?

Swissquote is the first bank to offer the possibility to participate in this new way of crowdfunding using blockchain technology: The first ICO available on the Swissquote platform is LakeDiamond. Up to now, in order to participate in an ICO, investors needed to understand blockchain technology and own a blockchain wallet. With the new bank service, this is no longer required. Clients can purchase coins (also named “tokens”) issued by a LakeDiamond directly against Swiss francs, using their trading account. The bank takes care of the execution as well as of the custody of the tokens.

ICO LakeDiamond

LakeDiamond ICO overview

LakeDiamond tokens are issued following the technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. LakeDiamond is issuing tokens worth 60 million Swiss francs in total.

LakeDiamond plans to use the money raised within the ICO to ramp up its production capacities by buying 50 further reactors. Minimum purchase consists of 60 LakeDiamond tokens (LKD) which is equivalent to 33 Swiss francs.

During the pre-sale from October 22 to December 11, 2018, the bank clients can benefit from a bonus: when buying 10 tokens, they receive one free token until 4 million Swiss francs are globally raised. During the pre-sale as well as during the following public ICO, 1 LKD equals CHF 0.55. After the ICO, the conversion rate will fluctuate based on demand for tokens and/or diamonds as well as the performance of the diamond reactors operated by LakeDiamond.

After the bank sale LakeDiamond ICO will be open to the general public in early 2019..

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Participate to the LakeDiamond token sale

LakeDiamond main strengths

Lab-grown diamonds: the ultimate material poised to unlock a new technological era

An EPFL spin-off, LakeDiamond produces, transforms and sells lab-grown diamond as the ultimate material for increasingly complex high-value applications in micro-mechanics and robotics, photonics, electronics and biotech. Lab-grown diamonds have been described as “the new silicon” due to their unique physicochemical properties, i.e. most transparent to light, heat best conductor, eco-friendly, chemically inert, hardest and most elastic material, highest breakdown electric field, and biocompatible.

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Ultra-pure lab-grown diamonds: a market with a bright future as industrial uses continue to expand

LakeDiamond total potential serviceable addressable market is expected to reach CHF 18.4bn by 2022 according to the company, as the market for ultra-pure lab-grown diamond products expand from micro-mechanics and robotics (e.g. micro-mechanical parts for watch making), to photonics (e.g. lasers for energy transfer), electronics (e.g. high-power transistors) and biotech (e.g. sensitive magnetometers).

Major milestones in micro-mechanics and robotics as of 2018

LakeDiamond collaborates with EPFL's prof. Niels Quack on the production of lab-grown diamond-based micro-mechanical parts. The company’s associated technology has recently been highlighted in a Nature article. LakeDiamond already collaborates with a major Swiss watchmaker to incorporate diamond-based micro-mechanical parts in watch mechanisms.

Solid partnerships in place to accelerate go-to-market in photonics, electronics and biotech

LakeDiamond collaborates with EPFL's prof. Eli Kapon on remotely charging drones and satellites thanks to lab-grown diamonds for energy transfer and a partnership is already in place with a drone manufacturer on this application. The company is also collaborating with EPFL's prof. Elison Matioli on supercharging high power transistors with lab-grown diamonds to shrink electric car charging stations. Finally, LakeDiamond collaborates with EPFL's prof. Christophe Galland on diamond-based magnetometers and got an EPFL Innovator project funding this activity. The company currently grows diamond in its two Micro-Wave Chemical Vapor Deposition (MWCVD) reactors, with a production capacity of 15,000 plates per year. The objective of LakeDiamond 60 million Swiss francs ICO is to add fifty additional MWCVD reactors to meet the production capacity of 300,000 plates per year by 2020.

An innovative blockchain crowdfunding opportunity to contribute to LakeDiamond industrial production capacity

LKD is LakeDiamond time-based token sold during this ICO, each representing one minute of diamond production. Owners of tokens can use their LKD to produce diamond for their own use or capture production value when the company receives an order from an industrial customer. LakeDiamond token lifecycle marks the first time a virtual token buys actual machine time. IMD international business school is currently writing a case study about LakeDiamond ICO.

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An ICO to leapfrog from start-up to industrial scale production capacity

LakeDiamond is building a diamond factory to address high-tech market opportunities. To accomplish its main goals, LakeDiamond requires additional financial resources. But distributing equity would mean losing control of the company. For this reason, LakeDiamond has chosen an ICO as an alternative to traditional equity funding. The opportunity for the participants to the ICO is to capture a part of LakeDiamond’s turnover. The mechanism of the public token sale is blockchain-based, securing all the transactions related to the token purchase, the token sale and the token use. Digital ledger technologies are relevant for LakeDiamond on three different aspects: collaborative production, traceability for quality, and frictionless payments.

The ICO intends to provide LakeDiamond with the resources it needs to develop, both the company itself and its next generation of products. The company currently grows diamond in its two Micro-Wave Chemical Vapor Deposition (MWCVD) reactors, with a production capacity of 15,000 plates per year. The objective of LakeDiamond ICO is to acquire fifty additional MWCVD reactors to meet the production capacity of 300,000 plates per year by 2020.

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Offering details

Initial offering token distribution

  • Issue of 110’000’000 tokens for sale
  • Hard cap: 60.5 M CHF

Token issue price

1 LKD: CHF 0.55

Minimum subscription per contributor

60 LKD (i.e., CHF 33)

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Planned timetable

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